Rape Revenge

We have been fortunate enough to interviewed by many zine writers, magazines, radio shows, and websites.  We appreciate all the chances we have been given to share our ideas and music with the larger community.  Here’s some of the articles and interviews we have done.

We are ALWAYS in for doing interviews, so please get in touch if you want to do one! raperevengeband@riseup.net.

Fast Forward Weekly Magazine Interview

Vista Fanzine Interview

Interview for Paranoia Zine (2010)

How long have you been together?

Samantha: Our first show was on October 15th, 2009.  However we had a bit of a different line up, with our friend Nick on drums, Matt was on guitar, and Keaton, Gwen and Samantha were in the band too.  Our first show with Matt on drums, and with Arielle on guitar was December 19th 2009.

What influences you as a band?

Samantha: A majority if the lyrics I write for this band are strongly influenced by feminism.  I’m a woman, sexist shit happens to me as often as any other woman, so I get lots of inspiration from everyday assholes!  I find Naomi Wolf and Margaret Meed really influence my lyrics. 


Matt: Many of the people I see when I go to shows, my friends,  people that I don’t know but see going against the grain really influence me to get up in the morning.  Feminists who speak there mind and don’t take any shit.


What bands are you into right now?


Samantha: I just heard Beyond Pink on Equalizing Distort (a rad punk radio show based out of Toronto) who are a Straight Edge, all Lady hardcore band.  They are seriously all I want to listen to right now.  I also fucking love Arielle’s band, The Throwaways, they are my favourite Calgary band.  My favourite bands are Submission Hold, Spitboy, His Hero Is Gone, and Julie Doiron.  Oh, and Kraken from Montreal fucking THRASH!


Arielle: I’m really stoked on The White Wires from Ottawa, they have Ian formerly of The Cryptomaniacs from Calgary in them. Also, Geister from Edmonton is probably the sweetest band in Alberta, they rule! My favorite band is The Ergs!


Keaton: I really like Orchid. It’s pretty much my favourite. And, somewhat embarrassingly, Jayson Green’s new band Violent Bullshit. I also really like Brain Fever, Hamas, Kali, Jeff Spicoli, which are all bands from around here. My favourite bands of all time are pretty much all on K Records; Beat Happening, the Microphones, et al, but I also mostly only like local bands. And Ladyhawk!


Matt: Kali, Trash Talk, Brazen Hell, Last Laugh, Punch, Chokehold, Brain Fever, Fist Gift, Vile Intent, Joyce Collingwood, War Hero, JeffxSpicoli, Womb Raider. Soooo many good bands in canada!!




How did you decide on the name Rape Revenge?


Samantha: I came up with the name after describing my favourite movie, Foxfire to a friend, who said it sounded like a ‘rape revenge’ movie, referring to the genre.  I later found out that the genre is wildly sketchy, with a lot of focus on the rape scenes, and less on actual revenge.  So now I feel a bit strange about it but don’t regret our name choice.


I also wanted to call this band Rape Revenge because I work in social work and see a lot of survivors of sexual assault be phenomonally strong.  Sometimes i feel like supporting these survivors is awesome, but if I could (without consequence) I would sometime prefer to just fucking kill rapists.


There is a lot of silence surrounding sexual and domestic violence.  Breaking this silence is important. Our name being very in your face about how angry we are about sexual assault can be a really powerful weapon. 


As a feminist band, how do you feel about all male bands?


Samantha: I personally think the act of anyone, no matter what their gender, making music is potentially revolutionary. I definitely am more inspired by and interested in bands that have women in them, because I can relate more.  I don’t think it should be a ‘none issue’, I think we still need to celebrate women who make music because it’s still 80% men a lot of time.


Matt: I think that women have a different view on life. Male dominated bands and shows are lacking this view and insight. It pisses me off to see this boys club push women out of the scene using sexist behaviour .  We all lose.


In the song Fuck The Stampede you say “this is not my home” but is there anything you like about living/being a band in Calgary?


Samantha: I moved to calgary almost 3 years ago.  I’m so stoked on this city.  The lyric is about refusing to let such a disgusting city event as the Stampede define what this city means to me.  There are some amazing people and bands and venues in this city that really inspire me.  Comrad Sound and Local Library are two all ages venues that recently opened up, run by and for people in the music scene.  They are probably the raddest thing going on in Calgary right now. Oh, and the Good Life Community Bike Shop RULES!


You’re going on tour! Are there any places in particular that you’re excited to play?


Arielle: I think we’re all really excited to play Death Church in Montreal. From what I hear, its a church a bunch of punks bought, that has collective housing, an anarcho feminist distro, and the main hall has a gigantic inverted cross on the wall!! Also, from the sounds of it, the kids that run it LOVE Rudimentary Peni which is rad!


Samantha: We are playing a fucking SHED in halifax! I’m so stoked for this, for basements, and for anywhere else sketchy.  We recently played a parking lot show and it was a blast, hopefully we will get to pull this trick again on tour too!


Keaton: I’m pretty excited to play at ALF House in Vancouver, except that our friend Nick Greco isn’t going to be there, which is a disappointment.


Matt: Squamish, Tommy War Hero is one of the only reasons I still play hardcore.



Any bands you’re most excited to play with?


Samantha: I am really excited to play with Womb Raider from Montreal, Wolbachia (aka Kursk) from Winnipeg, hopefully Joyce Collingwood from Vancouver, and this riot grrrl band that my friend is forming just to open for us in Kingston!


Keaton: I’m excited to play with Young Oppression in Kamloops. They seem sweet. I’m also really excited to play with Todos Caeran from Edmonton. And, Nu Sensae is playing at our tour kick-off show, which seems like a dream come true!


Matt: EVERY FAST AS FUCK BAND!!! a Band called NOT FUCKED ENOUGH, they got there house bombed and that’s hard as fuck.


You have a seven inch coming out on xTruex Records! What was the record making experience like?Do you plan to release anything else?


Matt: We recorded with Grant at The Outhouse studio, it went really smoothly.  I was totally blown away at hearing Samantha’s vocals recorded for the first time, SO FUCKING POWERFUL!!! before that, I had only heard her scream at practice and it’s hard to hear anything.  We then asked Nate (from XtrueX) if he would help us out and press an EP for us. One hour later he got back to us and was in.  Thanks nate!!!!!


Samantha: We don’t have any concrete plans for any other releases yet, but we for sure have some new songs we’d love to put out.  There are a few diy labels interested, which is really exciting!  One of our songs will also be released on a Anarchist Black Cross compilation coming out of Guelph, along with Dead Dogs, who fucking THRASH! That should be awesome!


Are there other projects/bands any of you are working on?

Arielle: I also play guitar and sing in The Throwaways, we have a split seven inch with Spastic Panthers coming out on Handsome Dan Records on June 4th!


Samantha: Arielle and I are in an all lady hardcore band that is just starting called Charlene Bronson, hopefully we will be playing shows this fall! I write a perzine called Trees, and run the zine library here.  I also am organizing Lady Fest this fall, so watch out!


Gwen: Arielle and I are also starting an all girl band called the Poo-Teens (We haven’t decided completely on the name yet, so it might change, but hopefully not, because it is the best band name of all time).


Keaton: I play guitar in a band called Deformer! And some other things…


Matt: I play guitar in a band called Lab Rat! And no other things…


If there’s anything I didn’t mention that you’d like to talk about feel free to throw it in. Thanks a lot for doing this, hope to see you all soon!


Matt: i’d like to add that sexist and homophobic jokes are NEVER fucking funny, seriously, fuck off with that shit.  Real friends call friends on there shit, patriarchy has hurt to many for far too long.


And… BEARMACE IS COMING TO TOWN! , no, but really, … fuck BEARMACE.


Samantha: If people would like to contact us with their thoughts, please feel free! You can email us at raperevengeband@riseup.net or send us a letter at: Rape Revenge C/O Samantha Trees / Suite 166 / 104-1240 Kensington Rd. NW / Calgary AB / T2N 4X7.